That time I DIDN’T run a marathon…..

For those who don’t remember, yesterday I was SUPPOSED to run the Wineglass Marathon and it was SUPPOSED to be my peak race for the year/BQ attempt.  I was SUPPOSED to follow Hanson’s training method.  Bottom line is, there were a lot of things that were SUPPOSED to happen that just didn’t.  Life, work, lots of excuses, and a major motivational funk…I gave up on the idea of running Wineglass just a month into my training and chose instead to spend what free time I had outside of work on shenanigans instead.  I tried to get a few runs in here and there, but if I’m being honest I wasn’t in the right mental state and I totally half assed my work-outs and took a few big backwards in terms of my fitness.

Me this summer!

Me this summer!

That being said, I think I made the right decision to NOT run yesterday (Deferred my entry for the 2015 WGM).  Still, it was a weird feeling waking up yesterday, looking at my clock and thinking about the fact that the race I was supposed to be running was going on at that very moment.  This was my first time backing out of a race; even if I don’t feel 100% prepared I usually will just say, “F*#@ it!”, change my strategy/goal for the day, and look at it as more racing experience under my belt.    So yesterday, I had a couple hours of mourning and silent reflection for the marathon I DIDN’T run.



I’m O.K. with it, I really am….in fact, I think it’s EXACTLY what I needed.  It fueled the fire under me again, and I am ready to get back into “beast” training mode.  I’ve been running consistently for the last month and building my base mileage back up, last week I ran 35 total miles and this week I’m ready to start pushing my weekly mileage back above 40.   I signed up for two half marathons next month to “shake out” my racing legs and regain some of my confidence.  (I do a lot of non-peak races just to keep race anxiety in check for the peak ones) I need to decide on a Spring marathon soon so I can start planning out my training.  A March race would mean I’d have to start another training plan around the end of this month.  I want a race with a fast/flat course somewhere on the East Coast in March or April.  I’m looking and asking around, and hopefully will make a decision in the next week or two.

Hmmm....decisions, decisions!!

Hmmm….decisions, decisions!!

Even though I didn’t run a marathon last week *tears*, I did get some solid training runs in and I’m slowly, but surely, making a comeback!  Here’s my weekly run-down:

  • Monday-Run 7.1 (C&O Canal)
  • Tuesday-Rest
  • Wednesday- Run 11.7 (BWI Loop)+Strength Training
  • Thursday- Run 4.2
  • Friday-Run 7 (Speed work)
  • Saturday- Run 5 + Strength training
  • Sunday-Rest

Weekly Total Miles: 35 Miles

Total 2014 Miles: 1,059.55

Why running buddies are the best!!

Why running buddies are the best!!

Have you ever backed out of a race before? Did you “mourn” the race you didn’t run? Did it give you motivation to try harder for your next race? Does anyone have suggestions for good Spring Marathons on the East Coast?

Have a great week!!



American Odyssey Relay (The Grande Finale of a VERY busy week!)

Last week insanely busy!  Between everything I had going on at work, running, and Ilana had two days out of school (that I somehow overlooked on her school calendar! ) it was down right exhausting!  Not that I’m complaining, I tend to get bored when I’m NOT going 100 miles a minute, and I managed to pack in a lot of great quality time and fun with Ilana! The week ended with me taking Friday off (from work and the rest of my life) to run the American Odyssey Relay (200 mile relay race) in Gettysburg PA with one of my running BFFs, Theresa!

This year our team name was “Van on the Run”; we were in Van 1 and all met at Charm City Run.  We all had our sleeping bags, van party music, and were WELL stocked up on snacks when we began our drive to the starting line at 6:45 in the morning.  This is one of the funny things about me; I am NOT a morning person and rarely make it to work any earlier than 8 am, but can somehow manage to get out of bed before 4:30 am on race days! Haha

The race was just as much fun this year as it was last year; with lots of scenic/historic views and some of the most AMAZING race volunteers.  The runners get to vote for their favorite transition; this year one of the transitions had delicious oatmeal raisin cookies and another one had a fire pit (FYI…I LOVE fire pits!!!)  A few of the runs in the middle of the night center around “The Oasis” where runners can camp out, get food (burgers, pizza, baked treats…), and take a hot(ish) shower.   I’d sum this race up as a “mom and pop” version of Ragnar. 🙂

Van 1 Runners and Course Views :-)

Van 1 Runners and Course Views 🙂

After finishing up our first set of legs, it started to pour down rain! I feel bad for Van 2 for having to run in that “Tropical Storm” like weather while Van 1 sat in a warm, cozy restaraunt eating our “Linner” (Lunch/Dinner)……OK, I really didn’t feel bad, I laughed a lot, because I’m a jerk! Hahaha 😉  Let’s be real though, as much as they may have complained about it; it’s a well known fact that runners LOVE suffering…the worse the terrain, weather, distance the better the resulting runner “war stories”! So I know Van 2 loved being so bad ass during this race! Van 1 had to deal with some cold weather and light rain during our night runs, but overall we lucked out with nearly perfect weather for all of our legs! I earned my “bragging rights” in this race by tackling the hardest leg of the race, Andrea’s Ascent with a 1200 foot climb.  My legs were screaming and Andrea slowed me down to a “snails pace”, but I earned my “I Survived Leg 6” beer glass.  Which OBVIOUSLY is now my favorite beer glass!! In all seriousness, the whole VOTR team, including some newbie “ultra relay” runners did a fantastic job; kicking ass and taking names! We finished the race in 31 hours 11 minutes and 55 seconds, 31st out of 51 teams in our division.  Not bad at all!

Partying like Rock Stars! Great job VOTR!!!

Partying like Rock Stars! Great job VOTR!!!

I also started the Coach to 5K program with Ilana and my friend Christina this week.  We are all running the Color Run in D.C. this September; Ilana is super serious about training “like mommy does” for her race. Her goal is to be able to run the whole 5K without walking.  She is a natural so I think she’ll be able to do it!  We did our first run together at Davidsonville Park and enjoyed another beautiful day on Thursday.  🙂

Ilana posing, she did great and was so proud after our run together! :-)

Ilana posing, she did great and was so proud after our run together! 🙂

All the girls!

All the girls!

With AOR, and Coach to 5K in addition to my normal running; I had a solid/satisfying week of training last week.

The Run Down:

  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday- Run 5 miles outside
  • Wednesday-Rest
  • Thursday- Run 1.67 Miles with Ilana at Davidsonville Park (Training for Color Run 5K) + My Run 6 miles
  • Friday- Leg 1: 6.5 miles, Leg 2: 4.2 miles
  • Saturday- Leg 3: 8.2 miles
  • Sunday-2.35 mile trail run/hike (Or attempt at it! Lol)

This ended up being a good training week with my fastest run for the year Thursday afternoon, and my biggest hill of the year Friday morning:

I was in the zone for this run, 6 miles at 7:18 pace! :-)

I was in the zone for this run, 6 miles at 7:18 pace! 🙂

Leg 6 of AOR, a "leg crushing" 1200 foot climb!

Leg 6 of AOR, a “leg crushing” 1200 foot climb!

  • Total Weekly Miles: 33.92
  • 2014 Miles: 527.32

How is your Spring training/Spring racing season going? 


Another TRT! Last years AOR Team! :-)

I’m so excited for another American Odyssey Relay; the race starts TOMORROW!!!  We will be running 200+ miles, starting in Gettysburg PA and finishing in the National Harbor! Last year’s team name was “Creepy Van Running Club”, not politically correct at all, but I promise we only offered candy to runners 18 and older!  We had such a blast, a few of the runners from last year are back for more, as part of team “Van on the Run”, a tribute to The Beatles (One of the GREATEST bands EVER!!)!

EPIC photos from last years race 🙂 :


The Creepy Van! The shocked looks we got driving through some small towns were pretty funny!


Van 1 Runners at the pre-race meetup, ready for trouble!!


Theresa and I, finishing Sandy’s leg with her; we decided neither PJ bottoms nor flip flops were ideal running attire! 😉


CVRC crossing the Mason/Dixon line!


After my last leg of the race…because running a toe path in a petty coat and rainbow socks totally makes sense!


Near the Billy Goat Trail. These are the kind of views that make these “ultra” relays so incredible! 

Who else loves relay races?!?!  What is the coolest relay you’ve ever ran?

(I sooo want to check out the Key West Ragnar one year……!!)