Running, Zombies, and Poop

I’m in a not so rare random mood right now, so I apologize in advance for the free flowing thoughts! 😉 I just wrapped another training week with a long run on the C&O canal. Even though it was a bit chilly (Yay for Underarmour cold gear!), it was a gorgeously sunny day and not too windy! I ran my favorite route on the canal, running from Brunswick, MD to Harpers Ferry, WV and back. It’s not as far as it sounds, but something about running across state lines feels pretty cool! And the views are absolutely amazing!!!

A view from near my turn around point!

A view from near my turn around point!

Unfortunately, I ended up stuck late at work Thursday and Friday and lost my motivation to run by the time I got home.  Overall though, I got in some good quality runs and was happy with this weeks training. I can feel my endurance improving and feel myself slowly but surely getting stronger and faster! Here’s a quick run down of this weeks training:

Weekly Training summary:

  • Monday- Planned Rest
  • Tuesday-7 miles with 10×400 repeats.
  • Wednesday- 5 miles + 20 minute TRX work-out
  • Thursday- Unplanned Rest
  • Friday- Unplanned rest + “Eff it dinner out with wine!!”
  • Saturday-8 miles
  • Sunday-12 miles
  • Total Weekly Distance: 32 miles
  • Total 2015 Distance: 222.57 miles
This was me today! I was so Rungry!!! ;-)

This was me today! I was so Rungry!!! 😉


My biggest training challenge this week, other than missing two of my planned runs, is learning how to eat while running again! Today’s run was my first run long enough to need fuel in a long time. I took water with Nuun and Honey Stinger fruit punch chews with me in my fuel belt. At mile 4 I tried to eat my first few chews, and it was disastrous! I fumbled trying to get the chews out of my belt…dropped half of them on the ground…tripped over my own foot…stumbled to regain my footing…bit my lip in the process…then drooled gooey chew drool on the from of my shirt! Good one Betty! I’m soooooo graceful! 😉 Lol

A few other things I’ve been obsessed with this week…

  • The Walking Dead!!! I’m so excited to watch the season finale tonight! I binge watched a few episodes this morning/early afternoon, then totally entered this apocalypse day dream during my run, imagining myself trying to escape from zombies! I was thinking, my running friends and me would totally survive a zombie apocalypse! (Yep…these are the things I think about when running for long periods of time! Hahaha) Then when I got home, I saw this…
Too perfect!!!

Too perfect!!!

  • Poop– I have no idea why, lets just say this has been a weird week! A co-worker just recently bought a “squaty potty” and it’s been an entertaining topic of conversation around the cubicles! Then I saw this article in Runner’s World, How to make yourself poop. I’m not going to lie, I’m so happy Runner’s World wrote this article…this is absolutely legit! Nothing will destroy a race day for me like not being able to go #2 before a race! And for those of you who are judging me right now….maybe you should check out this children’s book…

everyone poops

  • A new lunch box favorite!! I made myself a hummus, tofu, avocado, and veggie wrap for lunch every day last week! Not only was it super easy to throw together and pack in my lunch box, it was soooo freaking delicious!! While I’m not 100% vegetarian, I do eat and enjoy veg-head foods a lot!
Disclaimer: This is NOT my actual lunch!

Disclaimer: This is NOT my actual lunch!

  • Coconut Oil Hair Mask: Last Sunday Ilana and I did “mini-makeovers” and tried out a new home-made deep conditioning mask on our hair. Recipe: 1 tbsn coconut oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil, 5 drops essential oil rosemary oil. We both coated our hair, let it sit for about an hour, then washed our hair with sulfate-free shampoo (with a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to keep the hair from getting too greasy). While I was letting my hair sit, I did a avocado face mask too, which Ilana always finds hilarious! The oils were samples from a friend who sales Young Living oils (Similar to Doterra). Honestly, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my hair…it was a little softer and a little easier to comb through. But it was a miracle on Ilana’s curly locks! I plan on using this deep conditioning mask on her at least twice a month!


So that wraps up my weekly randomness! I’m ready to grill up some veggie burgers, crack open a bottle of wine, and watch some zombies with my lovie! Hope y’all had a fantastic and random week too!!

Have you ever had any mishaps trying to eat and run at the same time? Do you ever day dream about zombies during your runs? LOL How do you feel about coconut oil and essential oils? What are some of the things you use them for?



Love, Big Ambitions, and Crazy Ideas

Growing up I always had my nose in a book and my head in the clouds. I could entertain myself for hours laying in the grass or sitting in a tree, facinated by everything around me and imagining my little heart out! Every teacher, every year, every report card had the same comment….something to the effect of, “Very bright student, but daydreams too much.”  Looking back I totally disagree, there is no such thing as day dreaming too much! Dreaming generates crazy ideas, which drive big ambitions, that set into motion incredible actions, which redefine what is possible!

Idealistic? Absolutely! The beautiful thing is, I’m over the moon for a man who has as many big ambitions and crazy ideas as I do. Seriously, some of our dreams are really out there! We spend hours talking and laughing about our crazy ideas! We’ve brought life to some of our dreams all ready, and have many more fantastic dreams queued up!  I wanted to share some of our latest crazy ideas because I thought you might find them as entertaining as we do! (We really want to do some of these things, other things we just find hillirious to imagine and talk about!)


D&K’s List of Crazy Ideas:

  • Own and run a Bed and Breakfast.


  • Hike the Appalachian Trail.


  • Ride a train across the US.


  • Spend a few years working and living overseas somewhere.


  • Become beekeepers and keep bees in our yard.


  • Start an indoor, hydroponic vegetable garden.


  • Retire and live in an RV, traveling the country.


  • Find a loophole, and get approved to have service dogs at our current jobs.


  • Have a mini-farm with pet goats and a chicken coop.


  • Run an exercise boot camp!

bootcamp fun

  • Climb to the top of Kilimanjaro together.


  • Become cross country, big-rig, truck drivers.


  • Build an indoor rock climbing wall inside our garage.


  • Install a fireman pole to slide from the 2nd floor bedroom into the living room. (OK, this ones all me! Lol)
But maybe THIS can convince him?! ;-)

But maybe THIS can convince him?! 😉

  • Farm ginseng.


  • Build giant (Think Avatar style!!) his and hers tree houses.


  • Learn American Sign Language, and work as ASL interpreters.


  • Create an outdoor Zen garden.


  • Become professional lumberjacks


What do you think? What are some of your big ambitions and crazy ideas? Do you think there is a difference?


1st snow day of the year and 2015 miles in 2015

We got our first snow of the year today in Maryland! I ended up staying home from work because I was snowed in, and after watching the traffic reports I am SO glad that I am not out on the roads! Yikes! I’ve been enjoying my unplanned day off…I got in a good work-out this morning and am staying warm snuggled up on the couch with my fuzzy leopard and hot pink slippers, leggings, and a delicious cup of French vanilla coffee! 🙂


Snow days can be fun, as long as we don’t have as many as we did last year! I felt like I spent half the winter at home between work and school closures! I took advantage of the extra free time by registering for a 2015 challenge/virtual race, “2015 Miles in 2015“! Since I know I’m not going to be able to run that many miles solo I signed up as a team with Danny and Ilana and invited a few other friends to join in on the fun! My team name is Mojo JoJo, a tribute to one of my favorite childhood cartoons, “The Powder Puff Girls”, and because 2015 is all about getting my Mojo back! (Not to mention, I think saying “Mojo Jojo” is funny!)

Mojo JoJo!!!

Mojo JoJo!!!

It really doesn’t take much to amuse me! 😉 Is anyone else doing this challenge or another fitness related challenge this year? How does participating in challenges help motivate you?



Bootys and Inspiration

Warning! There is absolutely no logic to this post!! I started it off feeling a little cheeky, and thinking about all of my favorite booty songs! 😉 I put together a timeline of Booty Songs (1976-2014) which I plan on compiling into a new workout play-list!

  • 1976-Shake Your Booty, K.C. and The Sunshine Band
  • 1978-Fat Bottom Girls, Queen
  • 1982-Boogie In the Butt, Eddie Murphey
  • 1986-Da Butt, EU
  • 1989-Big Ole Butt, L.L. Cool J
  • 1990-Bonita AppleBum, A Tribe Called Quest
  • 1992-RumpShaker, Wreckx-n-Effect
  • 1992-Baby Got Back, Sir-Mix-A –lot
  • 1997-2 Much Booty (In Da Pants), Sound Master T.
  • 1999-Thong Song, Sisqo
  • 1999-Back dat azz up, Juvinelle
  • 1999-Ms. Fat Booty, Mos Def
  • 2001-Bootylicious, Destiny’s Child
  • 2004-Shake it Fast, Mystikal
  • 2004-Ass Like That, Eminem
  • 2005-Them Jeans, Master P.
  • 2005-My Humps, Black Eye Peas
  • 2005- Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, Trace Adkins
  • 2006-Ms. New Booty, Bubba Sparxxx featuring Ying Yang Twins
  • 2006-Shake That, Eminem
  • 2006-Money Maker, Ludicrous featuring Pharrel
  • 2009-Culo, Pit Bull
  • 2009-Salt Shaker, Ying Yang Twins
  • 2011-Dance A$$, Big Sean
  • 2011-Booty Wurk, T. Pain featuring Joey Galaxy
  • 2013-Bubble Butt, Major Lazer
  • 2014-Ass Drop, Wiz Khalifa
  • 2014-Anaconda, Niki Minaj
  • 2014- Wiggle, Jason Derulo featuring Snoop Dogg
  • 2014-Booty, Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea

Then…a good friend/fellow endurance athlete shared this video with me today about the Barkley 100, “The World’s Toughest Race”.  This is one of the most moving, and inspirational things I’ve seen in a long time! The mental strength and the quotes of these runners are pretty amazing!–The-World-s-Toughest-Race.html

My favorite quote from this, “You haven’t tested your limit until you try something you can’t do. Then you know where your limit is. It’s right there where I quit. That was it.” That quote reflects my feelings and reasons for loving marathons.  It is going to be my personal mantra for my next round of marathon training! (Starting in one month!! Eeeekkkk! So excited!)


And to cap off the daily randomness, here is my weekly run-down!

  • Monday- Run 5 + Swim 1800 meters
  • Tuesday-Rest
  • Wednesday- Rest
  • Thursday-Run 6
  • Friday-Run 6
  • Saturday- Run 3
  • Sunday-Run 10

Total Weekly Mileage: 30 miles

Miles Ran in 2014: 1114.55 miles

What’s on your workout play list? Do you have a favorite booty song?? What is something that has recently inspired you? Do you have a training mantra?

10 Problems that Tall Girls Have

I’ve always been a bit on the lanky side, reaching my current height of just under 5’10 *I think drinking coffee stunted my growth so I’m 1/4 inch shy 😉* by the time I started 8th grade.  Height certainly has it’s advantages, especially when I was swimming competitively, but I still used to be a bit self conscious about it.  I think partly because society sends the message that small and petite=feminine and partly because most most of us go through a phase where we want the opposite of what we have. (Like how some women with straight hair wishing they had curly hair and vice versa).  I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but at some point in my life I stopped being insecure about it, and started to embrace my Amazonian stature.  I can honestly say (now) that I LOVE being a tall woman! So the other day when I came across an article about “short girl problems”, I laughed.  I decided to come up with my own list in response of issues that tall girls deal have.

Tall Girl Problems:

1. Random strangers walking up to me and saying things like, “Oh my god you’re tall!!”  Then feeling unsure when I respond with something like, “Umm, yeah?” Followed by *awkward silence*  I’m never really sure if it’s a statement or a question!



2. Constantly being asked if I played basketball or volleyball in school.  Then the look of disappointment on that person’s face when I tell them no. I somehow feel like I let them down by never living up to my height potential.



3. Accidentally playing footsies during meetings, when I get tired of bumping my knees trying to cross my legs, and just want to stretch out a little.  “Whoops…sorry about that!” *Really, it was an accident…be easy with those eyebrows mister!!*


4. Having people always ask you to reach for random things from high places.  Not like I’m going to be a jerk and say no….plus it’s the perfect opportunity for me to show off! Sure I can reach that can of soup on the top shelf! And I don’t even have to stand on my tippy toes! *Mmmm hmmm, that’s right!!* 😉


5. Trying to find clothes that fit is a pain! My pants look like high waters, dresses look like shirts, all sweaters and jackets are 3/4 sleeves on me, and finding shorts that don’t expose butt cheek is ALMOST impossible.  As clothing sizes go up, they only get wider not longer. You think with all the stores that cater to petite women more would cater to tall women as well! I can usually find pants in long lengths, but all of me is tall NOT just my legs!



6. Trying to find cute shoes for my totally proportionate but “large” feet is not any easier.  And to add insult to injury, I have been told that a store “doesn’t carry shoes that big!” Sheesh, not ONLY do I not get an adorable new pair of strappy sandals, I have to have a total stranger call me a big foot! Haha


7. Having to bend in pictures with my shorter girlfriends so I don’t get my head cut out of the picture!

Kinda like this! ;-)

Kinda like this! 😉

8. Hugging shorter people can be awkward because their head is at my chest level!


9. Having to bend to wash my hair in some showers (Mostly in women’s locker rooms) because I am taller than the shower head.  (Noticing the pattern here, being tall=lots of bending=horrible posture!)



10. (This one was while I was still single)…Having my girlfriends try to set me up with one of their guy friends who would be perfect for me because “he’s tall…” *waiting for it* Nope, that’s it.  Me, “Wow! We have so much in common!” I guess they assume tall people should date each other so they can talk about how tall they are?


And then maybe even blog about it together! 😉

Are you a tall girl? Can you relate? Do you have anything to add to the list?