Throwback Thursday-A Fitness Timeline!

It’s no big secret…I’m obsessed with running but that hasn’t always been the case! I HAVE always enjoyed working out but have a strange combination of exercise ADHD and OCD. I go through phases where I’m really into a certain work-out and treat it like it’s my religion, then one day I am decide I’m bored and over it.  (Unfortunately that trait carries over into other areas of my life, but I’m not going to go there! At least not right now…)  Running is the one form of exercise that has just stuck with me….I like that it doesn’t (in theory) require a lot of thought, planning, or gear and it’s the best form of meditation/stress-relief/therapy I’ve ever found!

I was thinking about all of my past fitness phases, and in honor of “Throw Back Thursday”, I thought it would be fun to throw together a timeline of my past fitness obsessions! I’ll admit, some of them are pretty silly…but try to laugh with me, not at me! 😉

  • 1994-1999 (High School Years): Swimming and Water Polo

I loved swimming, even though practices were 3 hours day. Did not love water polo, but my coach didn’t make it optional for his swimmers and it was great conditioning!


  • 1999-2001 (College Years) Taebo, Crunch Fitness, and Belly Dancing Tapes

Yes, tapes….as in VHS! 😉 Being a “starving” college student, juggling classes and multiple jobs, I had little free time and even less money for a gym membership. So I resorted to doing work-out tapes in the small basement apartment I rented. I did the 30 min crunch work-outs when I was pressed for time, the belly dancing work-outs when my roommate wouldn’t see me, and I LOVED me some Billy Blanks!! 😉


  • 2001-2003 (College Years Part 2) Spinning and Weight Training

I took a weight training class for a couple of semesters in college (to meet PE requirements) and became obsessed with lifting! I honestly don’t remember how the Spinning part happened, but somehow I ended up at 5 am Spin class every day. I HATE mornings….but I loved spinning my legs really, really fast (or so I thought), on a stationary bike, in a sweaty room, with a black light and techno music!


  • 2003-2007 (Military Years) Air Force PT and PT Test

Yeah, yeah, yeah….my veteran buddies from other branches will say, “Air Force PT” is an Oxymoron.  It was pretty much focused on meeting weight standards and passing annual PT test (1.5 mile run, push-ups, sit-ups). I NEVER got over my hate/hate relationship with push-ups. Having to run in formation was ALMOST enough to make me love running a little less. The one time I got to “pace” a formation run, I was fired within .25 miles for running “too fast” and running too “zig-zaggy”. *Sad face*


  • 2007-2008 (Fitness Rebellion Year) Kickball and Dodge Ball

After my separation from the military, I relished my freedom and NOT having someone tell me I HAD to do PT. No one telling me I had to do push-ups and run in “non-zig-zaggy” lines! So I went through a short-lived fitness rebellion where I did no serious exercise. But I DID play on intramural kickball and dodge ball teams…AKA…drinking leagues!! Woo hoo, doing what I want!!!!


  • 2008-2009 (Come Back Year Part 1) Beach Body/P90X

After a year of “doing what I want”, I decided I was getting a little too old to “rage against the machine”…and I was tired of feeling like an unhealthy slug…so I tried to get back on track. I ordered P90X DVDs, and followed the program/schedule to the letter. (Minus the diet, because I don’t do well on diets!) The first few weeks every part of my body hurt. I didn’t loose much weight (not enough cardio) but I did get noticeably more toned.  And loved the active bonding time with my sister when she came over to P90x it up with me at my apartment!


  • ??? (The Fuzzy Math Years) Other Random Fitness/Sports Phases 

There are a lot of other work-outs/sports/fitness activities that I’ve gotten into over the years…but they either didn’t quite stuck or been very sporadic. That includes; Pilates, Yoga, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, horse back riding,skiing, snowboarding,TRX, strip aerobics, and rock climbing. Honestly, I feel in love with rock climbing, and found it to be perfect compliment to my running, so hoping to start climbing again in April!


  • 2009 (The Hook) My first half marathon!

In 2009 I ran my first race ever, the Baltimore Half Marathon, and was instantly hooked. I was officially addicted to running from that point forward!


What about y’all? Have you tried any of the same work-outs? What are some of your favorite “retro” fitness routines or blasts from the past? 






Why my 30s have been the best decade so far!

Last week I celebrated my 34th birthday, which means I am officially in my mid-30s! I remember hearing something about how you’re never supposed to ask a lady about her age or her weight but I’ve never had a problem talking about either….because both are just a number and that number is totally relative.  Do I feel young? Do I feel healthy? Absolutely! And now that I feel like I have “broken in my 30s”, I can honestly say that my 30s are shaping up to be the best decade so far! Something happened when I turned 30….I learned that there is no such thing as grown ups, we all are just winging it! I realized that despite many missteps, somehow my life had ended up in a pretty good place and I had this sudden, new found confidence and comfort in my own skin.  Part of me wishes I could go back and tell the 20 something me a thing or two, but then I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today. No regrets about my past, even when I’ve made “catastrophic” mistakes, had my heart broken or broken hearts, was insecure, thought I was fat, cried too much, did too many tequila shots….it was all a learning experience and that is what our 20s are for!


So….what is it that makes being in my 30s so awesome??

  • Being comfortable in my own skin, including being o.k. with my not so cool dance moves! I know I mentioned this one before, but it’s worth being redundant because confidence really is the BEST thing about being in my 30s!!
Play that funky music! 32 in Vegas!

Play that funky music! 32 in Vegas!

  • Understanding and appreciating that being a mommy is the single most important thing that I am going to do with my life! I found out I was preggers with Lana just a few days before my 23rd birthday and to be honest I was TERRIFIED! Raising a mini-me isn’t always easy, but it’s always been worth it!
Real Happiness! I'm 31 and Lana is 6 in this picture.

Real Happiness! I’m 31 and Lana is 6 in this picture.

  • Reaching a point in my life that I know what matters and what I want out of a relationship, which allowed me to connect with my second life love (aside from Lana). Danny makes me happy and makes me laugh every single day!
Being silly at my friend's wedding. (32)

Being silly at my friend’s wedding. (32)

  • Having great girlfriends and remembering to make time for them! Life experience has taught me…don’t get so wrapped up in a “boyfriend” that you neglect other relationships and NEVER trust a girl that doesn’t have a single girlfriend.
Reunited after a long work trip. Enjoying time with the girls at 31.

Reunited after a long work trip. Enjoying time with the girls at 31.

  • Reaching a point in my career that I have the time and can afford to travel (some). One of my bucket list items is to see as many places in this world as possible!


Temple in Japan.

Temple in Japan.

  • Learning to appreciate art and other things of beauty. It seems like most of my free time in my 20s was spent in clubs/bars/at parties….in my 30s I realized there is so much more to life!
Chihuly exhibit at VMFA in Richmond VA.

Chihuly exhibit at VMFA in Richmond VA

  • Having the courage to be bold and express my own unique style! I’ve literally had my hair dyed every possible color in my 30s and have tossed the high heels and spandex tops in favor for flip flops and retro t-shirts!
Bright red hair, Beatles T-Shirt, and Pink 80s sunglasses! Because I can! ;-)

Bright red hair, Beatles T-Shirt, and Pink 80s sunglasses! Because I can! 😉


  • Learning how to take care of my body and being in the best shape of my life. Since turning 30 I’ve paid more attention to eating well, limiting alcohol, exercising, and have done lots of running. I feel like my endurance and fitness are peaking in my 30s, thanks to treating my body a little kinder!
Baltimore 10 miler at 32.

Baltimore 10 miler at 32.


Anyone else in their 30s feel the same way? What has been your favorite decade so far? And why?

While I know it’s totally random, I’m going to throw my training log for last week in here because it was overall uneventful, and definitely does not warrant a full post. I’m continuing to increase my mileage and focus on stretching/cross training and still feeling good/pain free. Also a little bored not having a race to help guide my training and keep me focused so I’ve started looking at 2015 races and will be updating “My Races” section of my blog soon!

  • Monday: Run 3 miles/Stretching
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Run 3 miles/stretching
  • Friday: Run 3 miles/stretching
  • Saturday: 20 minutes stairmill, 3 mile run, 30 minutes weight training (Full Body)/Stretching
  • Sunday: 45 minutes spinner/bike, 50 minute Power Yoga

Total Weekly Miles: 12

Total 2015 Miles: 21



Another Week of Recovery and Other Happy Things!

Last week seemed to fly by! I was happy to get in a few runs and some cross training. I’m still happily pain free, but was experiencing some stiffness in my right foot on Saturday and decided to take a day off. From what I read online, a little stiffness is normal when you first resume running after a stress fracture, and it’s nothing to worry about as long as 1) You’re not experiencing pain, 2) It is not getting worse, and 3) It is gradually getting better as you (slowly) increase mileage. I put my inner drama queen in time out and am continuing to progress with my training! This week will be a week of 3 mile runs! 🙂


Weekly Work-Out Log:

  • Monday: 20 min stair-mill, 2 mile run, 20 min elliptical trainer
  • Tuesday: 55 min spinner, TRX Work-Out (Squats, Biceps, Triceps, Low-Row, Chest Press, Planks, Atomic Crunches)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 20 min row, 2 mile run, Kettlebell Workout (Swings, Goblet Squat, Russian Twists)
  • Friday: 12.5 miles walking in NYC
  • Saturday Rest
  • Sunday: 3 mile run, 30 minutes Yoga

Total 2015 Miles: 9

Blurry work-out pics!

Blurry work-out pics!

I’m putting my best foot forward and trying to remain positive through the whole recovery process. There are definitely days when it is frustrating but I consider every day I am able to make a little progress without re injuring myself a success. I’m also finding amazing support in some unexpected places….like on the 2015 in 2015 Challenge FB page where I’ve been connecting with and getting advice from other runners.  I know I’m totally biased, but I think the running community is the coolest!!

Other things that made me happy last week:

  • My new running shoes that I ordered on Amazon came in the mail! I tried on the Asic Gel DS Trainers at Road Runner at the beginning of the summer but went against “Shoe Dogs” recommendation of buying these “Performance Support” shoes because I was dead set on wearing a “minimalist” shoe.  (A topic for another post, I believe those minimalists shoes contributed to my stress fractures).  I wore them for all three runs last week and they felt amazing! Comfortable, supportive, but still very light weight! I love the fun, bright colors too!


  • I found a cool new fitness app for my smart phone, Rock My Run, and enjoyed jamming to a 30 minute “Twerk Out” playlist during Sunday’s run! You can search for playlist based on genre, bpm, and workout length and either download or stream the playlist on your phone.  The app was free, and you can get playlists up to 45 minutes long without having to upgrade to a paid membership. And in case you were curious about how to select BPMs for your run (I was!), I found this article, 150 BPM is about a 10 minute mile.


  • I got to see my youngest brother for the first time in 2 and a half years! He lives overseas and had an overnight layover in JFK on Friday. I got off work early and took the train up to NYC to meet up with him. We walked around Time Square, grabbed a bite to eat at Hard Rock Cafe, then spent the whole night drinking coffee and catching up in a little greasy spoon diner until it was time for him to head back to the airport. Then I got back on a train home at 6 am! That was my first time pulling an all nighter since my 30th birthday and I was HURTING on Saturday! I’m such an old lady now! Lol 100% worth it though to catch up with my bro!


What made you happy this week?

❤ Betty

Training Recap-1st Week of Running Post Injury!

This week was week 9 of recovery, week 1 of running again! This was my first (and hopefully last) major injury, so I while I was super excited about getting the go ahead from my doctor to start running again, I was still incredibly nervous.  I wrote out a running schedule, with gradual mileage build-up, for the next two months to help keep me focused and mentally strong during my recovery.  I still have that stubborn, internal desire to run “ALL THE MILES”! At the same time I am experiencing something new….feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and fear of being reinjured.  This stress fracture was a major wake-up call for me…”Hello, I’m NOT invincible!” My training plan is helping me balance the crazy, reckless side with the new insecure, cautious side.  And so far so good! My first week of post-injury training went way better than expected!!!  4×1 pain-free mile runs + lots of cross training=One Happy Running Betty!!



Weekly Training Summary:

  • Monday-20 min stairmill, 1 mile run (10:49), 20 Min elliptical trainer
  • Tuesday-30 min spinner, 20 min TRX and Kettlebell workout (Below)
  • Wednesday-15 min stairmill, 15 min row, 1 mile run (10:14)
  • Thursday- 30 min crunch Pilates/Yoga DVD
  • Friday-1 mile run (10:05), 40 min elliptical trainer
  • Saturday-20 min stairmill, 1 mile run (9:50), 30 min spinner, 20 min strength/circuit (Below)
  • Sunday-Active Rest (6 miles of walking and chopping/stacking wood with Danny…and no, that is not code…we were literally playing lumber jack today! Haha)
Running and my foot feels GREAT!!!!

Running and my foot feels GREAT!!!!

  • TRX/KB Work-Out:
    • 3×15 TRX Low-Row
    • 3×15 TRX Push-Ups
    • 3×30 second TRX Plank
    • 3×15 Kettlebell Swing
    • 3×15 Kettlebell goblet squat
  • Circuit Work-out (Repeated 6x):
    • 5 pull-ups (Assisted/Resistance Band)
    • 5 push-ups
    • 5 hanging crunches
    • 5 bench tricep dips
    • 5 medicine ball squats
Getting Tired!

Getting Tired!

A few of my take-aways from this weeks training:

  • Cross training is awesome, I was able to work-out 9 straight days without any major soreness.
  • Warming up before running is super important! The one day I ran first, my legs hurt for the first 1/4 mile! The days I did other cardio first, I was able to run easier and faster!
  • Stretching is key! I’ve was religious about my stretching this week and my body was grateful!

Overall, a great week of work-outs.  Now that I’m able to actually run again, I finally feel like I am recovering.  My runs were short this week and much slower than my “normal pace”, but I didn’t mind that at all.  I was so happy just to be running again that I mentally was in a very good place.  I’m looking forward to another week of training coming up, with 4 x 2 mile runs planned!

Anyone else experience anxiety when coming back from an injury? Any tips for recovery, building base mileage, and staying injury free?



One more mile!

Hey there! What are you up to this morning? Me? Oh, nothing much…I just ran 1 mile! With no pain! *fingers crossed* And it felt am-az-ing!!!


Sorry for being a cheesball, I’m just so excited to start running again. It makes me feel like I’m finally on the road to recovery! I was like a kid on Christmas morning…waking up at 3:30am…a full hour and a half before my alarm clock.  I laid in bed and tried to get my last 90 minutes of sleep (I’m a girl who loves her sleep) but no such luck. Then when my alarm went off at 5…I had butterflies and laid in bed for 15 more minutes reading blogs and checking fb statuses (aka procrastinating!!) before dragging myself out of bed. I did 20 minutes on stair mill to warm up, then hopped on the treadmill. I started off really, super, snail pace slow and stuck at that pace for about .25 miles before realizing my foot felt just fine, and I was babying my foot a little more than necessary….So I speed up to regular snail pace slow! 😉 It took me almost 11 minutes to run 1 mile, if I don’t have any pain tomorrow I’ll speed it up a bit when I run a mile wed. I finished off my workout with 20 mins on the elliptical and some stretching.


I don’t usually try to bore people with daily workout blogs but super excited about my first post injury run…as short and slow as it may have been! At least I’m running again and I’m going to be patient and show discipline in sticking to my recovery plan and training smarter. Just in time for the new year!!

Have you ever had a running injury?  How did your first post-injury run feel?  were you excited? Nervous?  How did you find balance between not babying an injury too much and not pushing to hard/avoiding reinjury?

Working Out With a Stress Fracture

While recovering from my stress fracture, finding the motivation to work-out was a challenge.  I’m not a gym-rat, not one bit! One of the things I love so much about running is getting to be outside! I spend long days sitting at a desk or standing inside of cold, windowless server rooms….So I look forward to burning off pent up physical energy and clearing my head by being surrounded by nature on my runs.  Working out inside on cardio machines and lifting heavy weights just doesn’t have the same rejuvenating effect on me!  I had to get pretty creative with my work-outs to prevent boredom and keep myself moving!


While in my air cast (6 weeks post-injury), I was not supposed to put any weight on my injured foot.  These first 6 weeks were really tricky and required the most creativity!  Lucky for me, my boyfriend has a full gym at his house. I did 20 minute Windsor Pilates work-outs, punched “Bob” (stand-up punching bag), did battle ropes, and did arm exercises with dumb-bells.  I downloaded a free interval timer on my phone and would choose 6 random exercises and would do 3-4 circuits, 45-60 seconds per exercise with 15 seconds to rest/transition.

Here is an example of one of my circuit work-outs:

  • Punch “Bob”
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Dumb-Bell Bench Press
  • Battle-Ropes
  • Russian Twists with Kettle-Bell
  • Over head shoulder press
I love battle ropes! Such a great burn!

I love battle ropes! Such a great burn!

Another Circuit Work-out (I actually ended up really loving this one!!):

  • Boxing (Arms only): 12×3 Minute Rounds (With 1 min rest between each round)


Of course, I also spent a lot of time on the elliptical trainer, an injured runners best friend! Made slightly more bearable by watching episodes of “Myth Busters” and “Cupcake Wars” on TV!

Getting my elliptical on!

Getting my elliptical on!

I also swam laps (no flip turns) a couple of times, but realized that the planning/scheduling/preparation/travel time required to go to the pool on a regular basis is not realistic with my work schedule/other obligations.  And as for aqua-jogging…I read online that it is good exercise for recovering runners but it just wasn’t for me.  Maybe I was doing it wrong, but I just felt 1) Silly, 2) Bored, and 3) Grumpy about the fact that I wasn’t running outside! Lol

Working out has been a little easier the last couple of weeks since getting my air cast off.  I’ve pretty much been doing normal workouts again, minus running.  I’ve discovered my new favorite cardio machine is the “stair-mill”…it literally kicks my butt and leaves me drenched in sweat! Working out inside can still be pretty boring, so I’ve been “machine hopping”, doing 3 different cardio machines for 15-20 minutes each (Stair-mill, rower, spinner, and elliptical trainer). I even got to take a work-out outside yesterday, hiking some of the trails near my boy-friends house wearing a weighted vest. It was a beautiful day to be outside and the positive effects of that stair-mill when tackling some big hills! 🙂


Do you have any creative work-outs to share for injured runners? What is your favorite cardio machine? Do you ever do HIIT interval work-outs? 

self doubt

Wineglass Marathon Training-Week 1

My first week of training for the WG Marathon was a bit of a challenge.  I was visiting Colorado; so acclimating to the high altitude and living out of a hotel was a wee bit disruptive to my normal routine.  I think the most difficult thing about training while traveling is eating out all the time.  I tried to make the healthiest food choices possible, but did not have 100% control over what was going into my food and did fall to temptation a couple of times by indulging in some super tasty local fare!  The almond butter and berry jam stuffed french toast that I ate at “The French Press” this morning after my long run was DEEEEE-LICIOUS!!!!!

french press


Overall, I was happy with week #1 of marathon training.  I got in all of my planned miles (Hanson’s Advanced Training Plan) and even got in a little bit of cross training.  (All though, I did not get in as much cross training as I would have liked this week.) Luckily, I decided to throw in an extra easy run early in the week because I ended up being in NO condition to run on Saturday.  I went to see a Skrillex concert at Red Rocks Friday night, and 1) Drank 3 vodka lemonades and 2) Was up past 1 am.  Since drinking and staying up past 10 pm is rare for me, my energy was totally zapped the next day.  What can I say, this girl can’t hang any more! Lol  The concert was AWESOME though! Such a cool experience!

Such Amazing Views!

Such Amazing Views!

I did manage to do some exploring on Saturday.  With a little hiking at “The Garden of the Gods” and a train ride to the top of Pike’s Peak.  Colorado is a beautiful place! I love the being out doorsy and active, and I’m a total mountain girl soooo it’s pretty much like heaven to me!

Cool rocks and mountain views!

Cool rocks and mountain views!


The run-down of WG Marathon Training (Week 1):

  1. Monday- 45 minutes elliptical trainer and 24 burpees
  2. Tuesday- 4 mile easy run, 25 burpees
  3. Wednesday– Rest (Planned)
  4. Thursday- 6 mile easy run
  5. Friday-6 miles easy run, 29 burpees
  6. Saturday– Rest (Unplanned)
  7. Sunday- 11 mile easy run
  • Total Weekly Miles: 27 miles
  • Total 2014 Miles: 743.35
*So True*

*So True*


Who else is training for a fall marathon? For the repeat offenders out there, what keeps you coming back for more? 😉 

Cross Training and Active Recovery

I decided to take a week off after NFC trail marathon so I could start my training for Wineglass Marathon this week on fresh legs.  I still did some cross training but did absolutely NO running for 7 days.  The first couple of days I felt a bit antsy, but ended up finding some other fun workouts to keep me moving.  I did my burpees for my “June burpee” challenge every day, did some core work, a kettle bell work out, and even got in my first swim in years!



A quick summary of my “Rest” Week Workouts:

  • Monday-17 x burpees
  • Tuesday– 50 minutes spinner, ab ripper X, 18 x burpees
  • Wednesday-2 mile swim, 19 x burpees
  • Thursday-20 x burpees
  • Friday– 30 min stairclimber (2.82 miles), 21 x burpees, KB Workout (3 x 15 of each: KB Swings, Goblet Squats, Russian Twist)
  • Saturday- Ab Ripper X, 22 x burpees
  • Sunday-23 x burpees


I enjoyed my cross training last week, especially my swim!  I had this totally impulsive urge to go for a swim after work, so I threw on my bathing suit, grabbed my stuff, and headed to the aquatic center 15 minutes from my house.  I planned on swimming 1 mile then calling it a day.  But by some serendipitous coincidence, the masters swim team was just starting their practice when I arrived at the pool.  After talking to the coaches, they agreed to let me have a 2 week free trial to decide if I wanted to join.

They gave me some great tips/pointers…my rusting is VERY rusty and my form was a little whacky.  They got me straight on freestyle and after about 30 minutes of focusing on “reaching forward” and “finishing my stroke”, I felt like a fish back in water, and was reminded of why the pool used to be my happy place!  I wasn’t breaking any records, it took me about an hour and a half to complete the 3200 meter workout, but it honestly felt great! I am hoping to find time to fit a couple of swims a week into my fitness routine.

I so relate to Dory!

I so relate to Dory!


My Kettle Bell Exercises :

I totally love the quick, dynamic, total body workouts I can get with my 20 lb kettle bell!

KB Swing

KB Swing

Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat

Russian Twist

Russian Twist


I’ve started week one of training for WG.  The first week starts out pretty easy, but that’s a good thing since I am traveling for work.  I have a lot of work travel scheduled for the summer (7 weeks between now and labor day on the road) so I am a little anxious about how it will affect the consistency and quality of my training.  My next post will include tips on staying on track with workouts and diet while traveling.  Staying on top of training while on the road is a challenge, that’s for sure!!

How much time do you usually take off of running after a marathon?  What are your favorite workouts/activities for “active recovery”?  Any tips for staying on training while traveling?  


A New Speed Workout for National Running Day

national running day

Happy National Running Day to all my fellow runners and blogging friends! I’ve been reading “Hansons Marathon Method: A Renegade Path To Your Fastest Marathon”.  I plan to follow the training methods and plan from this book for the Wineglass Marathon.  (Training starts up again in just 2 more weeks!) One thing I have struggled on in my last few races is my pacing.  I am getting faster, but I have let that lead to overconfidence, and “going out too fast”, instead of sticking to my planned pace.  One thing Hanson talks about in his book is sticking to “prescribed pace” for each and EVERY workout.  Based on my marathon goal time (3:30), my prescribed pace for easy running (warm-ups, cool down, recovery, and easy runs) is 8:59-9:59.  It is hard for me to hold back that much when I am running, but he gets into physiology of marathon running and why running slow for 49% of your total mileage pays off on race day.  He also talks about why it is important to be able to run consistent pace for an entire run.  Who am I to argue with an expert! 😉 So I’m going to give it a try….

Today I tried a new speed work out from Hanson’s book; 12 x 400 at prescribed pace (1:45) with 400 meters recovery between each repeat (+ a one mile warm-up and cool-down for a total of 8 miles).  Hanson makes his runners do push-ups when they do not run their prescribed pace for each repeat; he joked about how he wouldn’t make the readers do push-ups… However, I thought the push-ups were a great idea! I am the first to admit that I HATE push-ups and what better reinforcement/motivation for me to learn to run a consistent pace!  For every second I was off my pace for a repeat, I did 1 push-up.  I ended up doing 11 push-ups total; 4 for running my warm-up too fast and the other 6 for “over running” my repeats.  I’m a fast learner when push-ups are involved (flash backs to my days of bootcamp! Lol), my last 5 repeats were 1:45 on the dot! It did feel like I was holding back for the first 8, but the last 4 repeats were challenging.


In addition to my normal running, I have started a “burpee challenge” with my boyfriend and some of our friends.  You start out with 1 burpee, and add one a day for a year until you get to 365 burpees.  I joined the challenge late, so I only did 12 today while Danny did 71! Ouch!  Burpees are a standard exercise in cross-fit work-outs and they hit most of your major muscle groups! We’ll see how far I get, I have a feeling I may decide to hang-out around 50 when I get there! 😉




Anyone want to join the burpee challenge? How did you celebrate your National Running Day? 🙂


Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat. Throwback thursday! Ragnar style!

Rewind to 2010…I’m still relatively new to this whole running thing, and with a few races under my belt, I’ve become acutely aware of “Runner peer pressure”.  You run a local 5k and have a blast mingling with other runners post race…by the time you leave you’ve agreed to run another race (or 3)!  While training with a Co – worker for my second marathon (marine Corp marathon), he casually mentions that he isn’t going to be able to run a relay he signed up for due to a conflicting work conference.   He asks me if I’d mind filling I’m for him.  In retrospect, maybe I should have asked a couple questions, but without even thinking I respond with an enthusiastic, “Sure! It’ll be fun!”  So that is how I become a member of “Team Microsoft”. (Oh, did I mention I’m a geek who happens to know a lot of other geeks?!?)

A few days later I meet “chipper” Jim, the team captain, who gives me an animated explanation of the “Ragnar”.  My eyes are glazed over; confused by why I need a sleeping bag, snacks, multiple sets of running clothes, a head lamp?…by the end of our conversation I realize I signed up for a 202 mile relay that started in western Maryland and finished in Washington D.C.!  Huh?!?! What the hell was I thinking?!? I was intimidated but also thrilled to be part of something so insane!  All the arrangements were made, I’m runner 3, and meeting up with van 1 the night before the race to head out to a hotel near the starting line.


Runners from van 1, bright eyed and bushy tailed at the starting line!

This ended up being the best race experience of my life!  It was unlike any other race; it’s not a closed course (meaning you have to look out for cars), the terrain is varied/intense in places (with some steep hills and trail running), there are moments where I wondered, “where on earth am I?!”, and running through the pitch black country side with a head lamp on was a trip!  On top of that, the atmosphere was lively; with costumes, elaborately decorated vans, and plenty of cheesy runner humor (Like “Who fartleked in the van?)!


Running my first leg, first time ever running a hill this big!

  This race was the beginning of my “ultra-relay” obsession! To date I’ve ran 4 Ragnar relays (3 with my original team!) And 1 American odyssey race (a similar but admittedly not as well organized race).  I not only got a lot of great swag from these races (Ragnar race medals double as beer bottle openers! Awesomeness! ), I also developed many incredible memories and friendships! 


My original Ragnar team!

If you’ve never ran this style race before, I strongly advice given it a shot! (There’s that “Runner peer pressure” *wink wink*)

What is the craziest race you’ve ever been “Runner peer pressured” into doing?