Training Recap-1st Week of Running Post Injury!

This week was week 9 of recovery, week 1 of running again! This was my first (and hopefully last) major injury, so I while I was super excited about getting the go ahead from my doctor to start running again, I was still incredibly nervous.  I wrote out a running schedule, with gradual mileage build-up, for the next two months to help keep me focused and mentally strong during my recovery.  I still have that stubborn, internal desire to run “ALL THE MILES”! At the same time I am experiencing something new….feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and fear of being reinjured.  This stress fracture was a major wake-up call for me…”Hello, I’m NOT invincible!” My training plan is helping me balance the crazy, reckless side with the new insecure, cautious side.  And so far so good! My first week of post-injury training went way better than expected!!!  4×1 pain-free mile runs + lots of cross training=One Happy Running Betty!!



Weekly Training Summary:

  • Monday-20 min stairmill, 1 mile run (10:49), 20 Min elliptical trainer
  • Tuesday-30 min spinner, 20 min TRX and Kettlebell workout (Below)
  • Wednesday-15 min stairmill, 15 min row, 1 mile run (10:14)
  • Thursday- 30 min crunch Pilates/Yoga DVD
  • Friday-1 mile run (10:05), 40 min elliptical trainer
  • Saturday-20 min stairmill, 1 mile run (9:50), 30 min spinner, 20 min strength/circuit (Below)
  • Sunday-Active Rest (6 miles of walking and chopping/stacking wood with Danny…and no, that is not code…we were literally playing lumber jack today! Haha)
Running and my foot feels GREAT!!!!

Running and my foot feels GREAT!!!!

  • TRX/KB Work-Out:
    • 3×15 TRX Low-Row
    • 3×15 TRX Push-Ups
    • 3×30 second TRX Plank
    • 3×15 Kettlebell Swing
    • 3×15 Kettlebell goblet squat
  • Circuit Work-out (Repeated 6x):
    • 5 pull-ups (Assisted/Resistance Band)
    • 5 push-ups
    • 5 hanging crunches
    • 5 bench tricep dips
    • 5 medicine ball squats
Getting Tired!

Getting Tired!

A few of my take-aways from this weeks training:

  • Cross training is awesome, I was able to work-out 9 straight days without any major soreness.
  • Warming up before running is super important! The one day I ran first, my legs hurt for the first 1/4 mile! The days I did other cardio first, I was able to run easier and faster!
  • Stretching is key! I’ve was religious about my stretching this week and my body was grateful!

Overall, a great week of work-outs.  Now that I’m able to actually run again, I finally feel like I am recovering.  My runs were short this week and much slower than my “normal pace”, but I didn’t mind that at all.  I was so happy just to be running again that I mentally was in a very good place.  I’m looking forward to another week of training coming up, with 4 x 2 mile runs planned!

Anyone else experience anxiety when coming back from an injury? Any tips for recovery, building base mileage, and staying injury free?



4 thoughts on “Training Recap-1st Week of Running Post Injury!

    • Yes…start slow! You’ll get more out of consistently doing 30 minutes of activity a day than you’ll get out of sporadic 2 hour workouts! Too much too soon can lead to burnout or injuries. 😦 I plan on doing once a week track workouts with lana starting I March, you should join us! Or I can come over and we can attempt yoga again! Lol

  1. Kristine, I’m SO happy to hear your foot is feeling great!! Yay!! That’s awesome!! Love the pics!! Love your workouts! Sounds like you’re hitting 2015 HARD!! So proud of you!! You should be so proud of yourself, too!! I love the lessons you’ve learned!! I definitely find that I run better, too when I warm up before!! I love hitting the weights before I run. My body feels loose and ready to go! Hanging abs are my fave and there’s nothing better than push ups. I’m a firm believer in doing lots of body weight training! What’s better than being able to handle the weight of your own body, right? Have a wonderful week! Keep rockin’ it! XOXO

    • Thank you kristin! I was definitely happy too! I was seriously scared the pain would come back on my first run! I think as long I stay smart about my training I’ll be as good as new in no time! I knew I should warm up, but felt like I “didn’t have time” now I’m feeling/understanding how much it helps! It’s amazing how you can lift like a beast for over an hour then run like the wind right after! Any kind of lifting still wears me out! I agree…Being able to handle the weight of your own body is the best! 🙂 Thank you again for being so supportive and hope you have a wonderful week too!! 🙂

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